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Stinger Gorgon Albarn by imyouknowwho Stinger Gorgon Albarn by imyouknowwho

and my soul eater oc Stinger gorgon Albarn. 

he's origins begin with his mother Shaula gorgon who like her sister medusa want a Kishin but figured the best way to make a demon sword that would evolve into a Kishin would be to cross a witch with a death scythe. 

so Shaula gorgon used magic to make herself look like a some random girl and slipped a love potion into Spirits drink one night, and that was the night spirit cheat ruining his marriage, and all this years Maka thought it was all her father's fault but no it was a witch's. 

Stinger was then locked away in a tiny cell all of his child hood till his mother died ending the spell keeping it locked and so he went out. Stinger has remote viewing thanks to his  space time magic, but it's to unstable for him to use it with out someone preforming soul resonance with him 

being half weapon half witch has made the child unstable creepy and a hazard to use, the only ones who can resonate with him is family or someone with an anti-demon wave length.  

his weapon form is a foreblade scythe ( two blades on the right two on the left)  with three eyes between the blades and a handle that looks like a scorpion tail.

also he creeps out his cousin Crona a lot.
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June 17, 2017
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