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14th Child Naruto by imyouknowwho 14th Child Naruto by imyouknowwho
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the 14th child pilots the only evangelion not made by Nerv.  He arrived in Tokyo 3 with  Jiraiya in the middle of his two year training trip and quickly found a cut off part of an eva ( as the evas are damage and regrow limbs and get armor fixed so much it is impossible to tell witch Eva the body part belonged to originally)   soon when a demon attacked he took a risk and listened to the demon that lives in him and focused the demon might in to the eva part.

the demonic power mixing with the semi-angelic flesh of an eva made a massive regeneration effect making a new eva grow form the old hand complete with self healing armor.  the Eva looks most like Eva-01 but with an armored fox like head. 

now as a pilot naruto views his time here as a great training chance fighting demons to help him control his own, making new friends in combat and gaining a new weapon for battle. He happily joins his friends while looking for away home, and thanks to a surprise result form a blood test he got something he always want a family member.
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March 29, 2017
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